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Aeropress Go


AeroPress Go is the latest version of one of the most famous coffee makers on the market! It was created in response to the demand for a smaller, even easier to transport AeroPress. The entire device fits into a cup and allows you to prepare perfect black coffee in all conditions – on the go, at home and in the office.

AeroPress Go combines the advantages of French Press, the overflow method and a traditional espresso machine, thanks to which the preparation of aromatic coffee is extremely simple and quick. In addition, the device allows you to unlimited discovering the taste of coffee by experimenting with the brewing time, water temperature or the coarseness of grinding the beans. The device allows you to brew up to 237 ml of coffee.

AeroPress Go is one of the most handy coffee makers in the world – everything fits in a convenient, closed case that serves as a cup:

  • AeroPress Go: 12cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • AeroPress Go with the whole set closed in a cup with a lid: 14cm x 10cm x 10cm
Kit contents: AeroPress Go, 350 paper filters, stirrer, measuring cup, cup / pouch, silicone lid, container for 20 filters.

A great gift idea for any coffee lover who loves to travel!

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