Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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Peruvian Decaffeinated

Farm: Peru small co-operatives
Process: Water Process
Variety: Mixed Varieties
Cup Profile: Plums, Roasted Almonds, Brown Sugar, Balanced.
About our producer

Our Peruvian decaffeinated coffee comes from small co-operatives from all over Peru. Peru’s relatively poor infrastructure has attracted a variety of organizations, funded by development groups, from around the world. As a result, Peru has become one of the world’s top producers of certified organic, Rainforest Alliance certified, and UTZ certified coffee.

Nearly 30% of the country’s small-holders are also now belong to local co-ops. These partnerships help farmers, especially rural farmers, market their beans to a larger audience and receive better pay because of it.

Though the high altitude of the Andes mountains, running right through Central Peru, provide optimal growing conditions for arabica coffee, there are also farms spread across the nation’s coastal plain—and even a few in Peru’s jungle region of the Lower Amazon Basin. There really aren’t many areas of the country that don’t grow coffee.

This coffee is decaffeinated by water process . The Water Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free, water decaffeination process that delivers to today’s consumer expectations.

The water process involves beginning with green coffee beans being either steamed or soaked in hot water to expand the coffee’s pores. This makes the caffeine more easily extractable. The beans are then soaked in water and a proprietary blend of coffee solids, which, over time removes the caffeine while leaving the original flavour oils intact. That water is then moved to a separate tank and the caffeine is filtered out. The beans are dried and are ready for roasting.