Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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Coffee Decaffeination Process

Step by Step

Our GCE (Green Coffee Extract) is created only once, by soaking beans in pure water.
We create our green coffee extract just once, made out of fresh water and all the soluble solids within coffee (minus the caffeine). GCE is key to our process.
Coffee is prepared for the swiss Water Process
Before decaffeination, the green coffee is rehydrated to prepare for the target moisture level that is ideal for caffeine removal. This step also removes dirt, dust and silverskin.
Caffeine is drawn away and filtered out.
GCE is continuously circulated around the green coffee for a period of 18-10 hours, until there is no more than 0.1% of caffeine remaining in the green coffee. Caffeine removed from the GCE through a proprietary carbon filter system, and the carbon is sent to a regeneration furnace to burn away the caffeine, so that it can be reused.
The GCE is Renewed
During the decaffeination, our GCE is constantly being refreshed and renewed. We also continuously monitor the health of our GCE to ensure it can continue to operate at its best. This way, we don’t need to create a new batch of GCE for every new batch of green coffee.
Once coffee is decaffeinated, it begins its journey to the customer
When we’ve reached our goal of removing 99.9% of  the caffeine from coffee, it’s ready to be dried, bagged and shipped to the customer with care. From there, it’s in the customer’s expert hands.