Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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As a side benefit when you walk into their shop that wonderful coffee aroma just hits you.

Margaret Wagner , café manager

A specialty coffee roaster providing cafes & coffee lovers Ireland-wide with single origin beans & blends

Jean Thompson , barista

Bought some whole bean at the Boardwalk coffee, ground at home then brewed with a Keurig reusable filter. It is delicious. Deep flavor, a little sweetness.

Danielle Jones , café owner



I opened my bag of beans and the aroma was incredible. I never realized that the coffee could smell that good. I couldn't wait to grind them up and make a pot.

Marie Johnston , café owner

Absolutely LOVED it! The coffee was great, as was the atmosphere and the staff. The artwork and scenery were beautiful! I'm telling everyone I know!

Danielle Hawkins , café manager

This is such a sweet cafe!!! I love the ambiance- so calming, relaxing, clean!

Howard Chapman , barista