Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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Boardwalk Coffee by The Beach

If you are a coffee enthusiast, good news, you can also get coffee beans from us. You can take home a bag of Boardwalk Coffee, or you can try other beans, carefully selected from our own Master Roaster.

Just ask and we can recommend something that suits your taste buds. 

We are very passionate about the coffee beans we choose. The beans we use come from our own Boardwalk Coffee Roasters.

Our experience and first-hand knowledge combined with their ethical philosophy make Boardwalk Coffee the coffee of choice.

We are a fully equipped coffee shop, ready to prepare any coffee that you’d get from your coffee shop down the street. Order an Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White.. you name it! If you’d rather have a good old cuppa tea or hot choc, just place the order.
We also keep other amazing products in stock for limited periods of time, from the luscious hot chocolate, to gluten free treats prepared locally. Make sure to check them out when you visit us and bring home a nice little treat for the loved ones.