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Brazil Sito Da Torre


About Brazil Sito Da Torre

Cupping Notes. Praline, caramel and light red apple aroma. Note of peach and stew fruits, winey.

Sitio Da Torre is located high up in the hills overlooking Sao Lourenco and Carmo de Minas, Álvaro Antônio Pereira Coli is the owner. His family has spent tremendous effort and time taking care of the coffee plants and experimenting with new crops and evaluating the opportunity. Then they test for a few years how the new coffees perform. Using this method their choice will be taken on direct experience rather than prediction. Their main production is usually based on the Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Catucai, Yellow Catuai and Acaia varieties.



Altitude1100 – 1300 masl

Harvest – 

Flavour – PEach, red apple, praline, winey

Species – Coffea Arabica

SCA score – 85.75

Varietal – Yellow Bourbon



As a side benefit when you walk into their shop that wonderful coffee aroma just hits you.

Margaret Wagner , café manager

A specialty coffee roaster providing cafes & coffee lovers Ireland-wide with single origin beans & blends

Jean Thompson , barista

Bought some whole bean at the Boardwalk coffee, ground at home then brewed with a Keurig reusable filter. It is delicious. Deep flavor, a little sweetness.

Danielle Jones , café owner
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