Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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Brazil Fazenda Palmital


About Brazil Fazenda Palmital

Cupping Notes. Lots of chocolate, from dark to milk, praline, caramel and light biscuitty note.

Fazenda Palmital, in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S’Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, southern Minas Gerais, was purchased in 1922 by Joaquim Sebastião de Souza, the current owner’s great grandfather. Over the years, Fazenda Palmital has built a tradition of producing top quality coffee in a sustainable way.

In 1950 the farm’s management passed to Augusto de Melo Souza’s Hands. In the 1970s his wife and son started to take care of the property and the family’s offspring is getting ready to do it so ,as he’s studying agriculture. Their dedication to the plantation and natural aptitude to it led the average annual production to rise from 2,00 to 6,500 bags of 60kg. 


ProducerSMC – Comercial e Exportadora de Café S/A

ProcessPulped Natural

Altitude950 – 1150m

HarvestMay – August

FlavourCaramelized, Chocolate, Cocoa, Dark chocolate, Malt, Nutty, Praline

Species – Coffea Arabica

SCA score – 83

Varietal – Catuai, Mundo Novo

The entire farm is handpicked due to the altitude and character of the land, and they have several animals including monkeys, snakes, wild cats, spiders, birds, anteaters, toucans, jaguar, horses and chickens present in the fields.

Coffees are first dried on patio to 25% moisture content, and then transported to mechanical driers and brought down to 11% moisture content. They have hooked an app up to their mechanical driers which allows them more control over the drying process. Some of the pergamino from the hulling machines is used to fuel these app controlled mechanical driers, with the aim to reuse waste product and spend less energy and time to create homogeneous results.



As a side benefit when you walk into their shop that wonderful coffee aroma just hits you.

Margaret Wagner , café manager

A specialty coffee roaster providing cafes & coffee lovers Ireland-wide with single origin beans & blends

Jean Thompson , barista

Bought some whole bean at the Boardwalk coffee, ground at home then brewed with a Keurig reusable filter. It is delicious. Deep flavor, a little sweetness.

Danielle Jones , café owner
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