Our passion starts with the bean when we select some of the highest quality crops, sourced directly from sustainable small coffee farms around the world.




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About Roastery

Boardwalk Coffee Roastery

Our coffee roastery is based in the seaside town of Youghal in County Cork. We choose quality, high end green beans from reliable suppliers who source from sustainable coffee farms from all over the world.

How do we choose the coffee? First of all we have to understand what kind of product we want to create and what target we want to reach. We are specialty coffee roasters, so we always choose coffee beans with a score of at least 80 points and usually 83 points or more. If you want to know more about grading coffee. 


Our coffee selection process is rigorous and involves selecting possible candidates that our Head Roaster thinks will be interesting and unique for high quality coffee.

We collect multiple samples which will be checked to ensure that there is not many green coffee defects and that those defects are not affecting the cup experience.

After that we will proceed to roast our samples on a Besca bee (sample roaster). Once roasted, all beans are cupped and evaluated to check what kind of profile they show to our palate. We only choose the beans that will best suit the kind of taste we want to propose to our customers.

With our selection made, and the beans delivered, there is further analysis needed to discover how to bring out the best in the beans. This is achieved by creating roasting profiles from small batch roasts and comparing them to see how best the coffee can express itself to us.

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Specialty Coffee Roasting Company

As a specialty roastery, we prefer not to go beyond the medium roast as we believe that going darker could compromise the pleasant aroma and complexity of the coffee. We believe that this mindset respects all the hard work the farmers and producers have done to create a coffee that truly excels and deserves to be classed in the specialty coffee range.

At the moment, our company is dealing only with single origin but may create a coffee blend in the future.

Roasting The Beans
Boardwalk Roastery
Roasting The Beans

Why Do We Choose a Single Origin Over Blending?

We choose a single-origin coffee over a blend as we get a better understanding of the characteristics and peculiarity of each bean and region. Proceeding with a single origin is more likely to respect the seasonality and freshness of green coffees, which all add to the quality of the end product. Single origins will create a kind of map of flavours in our mind allowing us to navigate our taste preferences which can even throw us into an unexpected land to be discovered. 



Why Do Coffee Roasters Blend?

The coffee blend has mainly a commercial purpose. Coffee is a plant, and as a plant, it has its cycle; this is why you can’t have the same coffee all year round as they come and go out of season. Factors like weather, disease and general fluctuations in the quality of plants can affect production. A crop that is exceptional one year can be ordinary the following year if one or more of these factors come into play. Roasters need to find a way to achieve a consistent tasting coffee and cannot always rely on using the beans from the same farms or co-operatives. Considering that every single coffee has a different flavour, how can I achieve it?


The Answer is to Blend

By mixing different coffees to create a profile that can be consistent over and over by just swapping the one bean with another that matches closely. By doing this you will give the impression that the coffee never changes and preserve the same characteristics with minor differences.

Whatever is your preference we just hope you to drink a nice cup!

Boardwalk Coffee Brands And Origins


Costa Rican Las Palomas

Smooth & beautifully rounded. Sweet fruity notes in a balanced cup with a nice chocolatey/nutty finish.

Peruvian Decaffeinated

Our Peruvian decaffeinated coffee comes from small co-operatives from all over Peru.


Ethiopia Sidamo

A floral cup with jasmine and violet aromas, apricot, citric acidity with a bergamot aftertaste.

Brazil Palmital

Brown sugar sweetness with notes of milk chocolate, macadamia nuts, orange acidity and cocoa aftertaste.