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Dutch coffee chains forge new franchise group, Caféco

Doppio Espresso, Chocolate Company Cafe and Barista Cafe form new Dutch franchise group comprising 67 stores in an effort to pool resources and support growth in the ‘fragmented’ Dutch coffee shop market.

A group of Dutch coffee chains with a total of 67 outlets has joined forces to create a new franchise group. Doppio Espresso, Barista Cafe and Chocolate Company Cafe and, which have 25, 23 and19 outlets respectively, have formed Caféco, which they say will support each brand’s growth and further consolidate the ‘fragmented’ Dutch coffee shop market.
According to a press release, Caféco will provide back-of-house franchise support for business development, while increasing efficiency, capacity and quality across the brands’ franchisees.
Headquartered in Joure, the Netherlands, Caféco will be managed by senior members of each coffee chain, with each brand continuing to trade under their current brand name and staff retained.
“I am proud of this mile stone for the three formulas. We believe in growth by consolidation in the out-of-home coffee market and do not rule out further collaborations in the near future,” said Caféco Managing Director, Peter van Eijl.
The consolidation of the coffee brands will give will give Caféco the second largest share of outlets in the Dutch branded coffee shop market, which is led by Starbucks’ circa 90-store portfolio, followed by Dunkin’s 33 stores and Coffee Company’s 31 locations.
World Coffee Portal data shows the Dutch branded coffee shop market exceeded 650 outlets at the end of 2020 and is anticipated to grow at 4.7% CAGR over the next five years, to exceed 800 outlets by 2025.

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